Q: I've fitted a new printer ink cartridge but the printer still will not print

A: If your printer is an Epson printer then try running the printers own head cleaning software. If the printer hasn't been used for a while the print heads can become blocked. If the printer will still not print, run the cleaning cycle only a couple of times in total then leave the printer for 24 hours, often printing will then be OK.

A: Make sure that the red plastic tab (Jettec) has been removed from the top of the printer ink cartridge. This allows air into the top of the cartridge as ink flows out of the bottom.

A: Remove the printer ink cartridge, switch off the machine for about a minute, fit the printer cartridge and then switch the printer back on.

Q: Print quality is poor, some colours are not correct

A: If the printer is an Epson the print head could be blocked. Run the print head cleaning cycle a couple of times and leave for 24 hours. On HP, Canon or Lexmark printers where the print head is mounted on the printer cartridge, remove the cartridge and shake until ink is visible on the print head. Refit the printer cartridge and test.

Q: My Jettec printer cartridge does not seem to fit even though the packaging says that I have the correct cartridge for my printer.

A: Please remove the red plastic clip from the top of the cartridge